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About us

Harmooniline Kodu

harmoniously cozy home for everyone!

Our family business was started by the great dream of the founder Kristel Potsepp to create environmentally friendly and at the same time healthy small houses, which would combine eye-catching, stylish architecture and the latest construction technologies.

Kristel , though herself having a long background in law, came into contact with house building already as a child, when her father built a home for her family with his own hands.

The excitement of construction and real estate development prompted Kristel to get involved in several real estate projects - of different types and kinds - and in the end the decision to come up with a distinctive, wooden design, standard house solution was ripe.

By now, several projects for homes with both flat and pitched roofs have been completed, which preserve nature and enchant with their environmental sustainability.

Harmooniline Kodu homes represent exemplary buildings of the future with their thoughtful and complete solutions.

In accordance with the laws of nature, the principles of Feng Shui are applied in the planning of the house, which creates a harmonious home. Feng shui (in English 'wind-water') is based on ancient Chinese teachings and refers to a thousand-year-old method of spatial planning that consciously heals the energy of the home.

Feng shui sees the key to harmony as maintaining a natural balance in everyday life.

Treatment also lies in harmonizing the home: trying to eliminate the bad effects by increasing the good effects. Nothing happens or stays in our home by accident.

All our behavior - whether we act consciously or subconsciously - has a special meaning and, more importantly, everything has an impact.

Everything important comes from home

– health, personal development, harmonious relationship, happiness and abundance!

Our desire is to offer our customers cozy, curative and healing harmonious homes with the latest construction technologies and building materials.

In this way, we care about the environment and hope to raise the awareness of end users to make more informed, healthier and more environmentally friendly construction decisions.

If the construction is erected on the basis of environmental protection, there will be a great benefit to it, it promotes a better and healthier indoor climate while increasing the ease of use of the building.

Our company has also made it a heart-matter of making the construction of the customer’s dream home a worry-free journey for him.

That's why we offer our customers full real estate management service - or "turnkey" solutions.

If necessary, we will take on all the thorns and effort associated with construction, and we will help – without losing the whole picture - the client to orientate themselves in the maze of problems that arise when building real estate.
In this way, we want to work as a customer’s guide and advisor and at the same time act as his personal extension.

By choosing the suitable home from our home directory with turnkey service, you will save your precious quality time and raise your environmental awareness.

After all, it is not worth organizing everything in life yoursef and struggling alone, but rather to focus your attention and energy in everyday things on activities that offer joy and satisfaction, leaving other head- and bone-breaking tasks to someone else.

We invite you to value your time: the quality and price of our service are balanced, namely, we are working with our certain steady and reliable partners, whose work processes have proved their worth.


The goal of Harmooniline Kodu is to be an open, solution-focused, reliable and committed partner for every customer and, in cooperation with the customer, to find just the suitable home for them.


Harmooniline Kodu vision is to offer customers a worry-free journey to the home of their dreams!

Become the most preferred comprehensive and versatile turnkey home service providing company in the home market!


The mission of Harmooniline Kodu is to create harmonious homes for customers!

Environmentally conscious and

sustainable thinking

We are very much based on environmental awareness when designing, building and planning further use of all our homes.

In addition to a cleaner neighborhood, environmentally friendly building materials and techniques also guarantee a cleaner and healthier indoor climate and better ease of use.