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Viilkatusega elementmaja

Residential land for sale at

Pesapuu road 39, Meremõisa village, Keila-Joa

Price: 118 000€

A plot of land with oaks and plantation on the plot.

Cad. No. : 43101:001:0353








Meremõisa is an extraordinary place where Keila-Joa and Mõisapark meet.

Just where, as if stepping out of a love film, between a beautiful former Nursery plant garden and a seaside,
a plot of land has been established for your home with a house design,
where the rich vegetation delights the eye, the distant sea breeze caresses the head and the sun paints a new beginning every day, it is possible to start building a home immediately.

We will sell the plot of residential land, you will build a home and
together we will create the beginning of an adventurous life – cycle and pedestrian tracks take you to the school, shop, Meremõisa sandy beach, Mõisapark (Manor Park) and restaurant.

Laulasmaa SPA, Arvo Pärt Centre, Niitvälja Golf Center and also Lohusalu Harbour are the more distant neighbors of your new home, providing activities in both sunny and rainy weather.

The plot is similar to the irregularly shaped stretched rectangle in the south-east-northwest direction.

The building is located on the north-northeast side of the plot, parallel to the longer side of the building with Pesapuu Street.

The northwestern part of the plot is landscaped with relatively young trees, a large part of which are oaks -
whereas there is a desire to preserve as many valuable trees as possible, the building is placed in such a way that, on the one hand, to avoid the elimination of tall greenery as much as possible, but a but still give the impression of being between trees.

Thus, the building is located relatively on the southeastern edge of the plot.

Two young spruces will offer privacy in front of the sauna complex; in front of the large bedroom is a group of larger bushes to the south; and several larger oak and pine trees around the living room.

On the side of the living room, there is also a terrace extension - campfire between the individual trees.

Access to the building is along the driveway perpendicular to Pesapuu Street, which can accommodate two cars.

The solution of the driveway and sidewalk is designed to support and represent the architecture of the building.

As the plot is relatively large, there is quite enough private space on the plot of land in the courtyard side between the building and the plot boundary.

With the plot we can offer a turnkey solution for the home. Home price starts from €370 000 + VAT

Harmooniline Kodu home is a single-storey flat-roofed building with a simple planned concept, which is an exemplary home of the future with well-thought-out and complete solutions.

The home is in accordance with the laws of nature, the principles of Feng Shui have been used in the layout of the house to create a harmonious home.

Our homes are made of strong and architecturally unique concrete elements. It is a new Benpan Nordic technology that enables an incredibly fast construction time and offers a durable stone house solution. The concrete elements are made of reinforced fiber concrete, into which insulation panels, communications and piping are already integrated. It also gives the opportunity to carry out construction work in any season and guarantees the highest energy class and lower heating costs.

Functionally, the building has a rectangle with a stretched plan with rooms divided into a long corridor.

The entrance divides the building into two distinct zones - on one side there is a living room with a more open function, an office, a kitchen.
On the other side, a more private area with bedrooms, a home spa and wet rooms.

The entrance solution is especially emphasized, forming a deep 3 m wide entrance in the street-side façade of the building, followed by the same large entrance on the courtyard side with a Japanese garden and a light opening in the roof.

The street side of the house is relatively closed - as few windows as possible, and the courtyard side is in the opposite direction - as open as possible.

The layout of the living room allows you to place wide windows across the entire width of the corner of the building.

The deep covered terraces on the courtyard side of the building give the rooms on this side of the building a much larger impression of space than the square meters show.

The extension of the living room terrace with a campfire site continues the living room visually into the depth of the plot.

The bedrooms’ block has one main bedroom at the far end of the building and two smaller bedrooms on either side of the corridor.

The master bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom.

There is also a housekeeping room and a larger sauna complex in the same wing of the building.

The architecture of the whole building is characterized by large floor-to-ceiling windows and wood-covered wall surfaces between them.

The roof solution of the building is designed as one of the strongest and most characteristic elements of the building - the roof is an asymmetrical and dynamic form, which has been moved more to the heart of the building - the kitchen - and the flatter sides of the roof face the courtyard and bedrooms.

This solution helps to make the exterior of the building more interesting and further emphasize the dynamics of the elongated building.

The cantilevered eaves of the roof form a wide canopy belt around the terraces surrounding the building.

In order to emphasize the floating off the ground nature of the terraces, the floor of the building is relatively high above the ground, so that the space under the terrace amplifies the elevated character of the building.

The height of the terrace is such that it is comfortable to sit on the edge.

The choice of materials is based on a mutually supportive gentle contrast - the warmer and softer wood façade contrasting with the cold glass surfaces and the black roofing sheet - the shape and geometry of the whole building is emphasized and framed by a white-light terrace and console roof canopy that follows the shape of the terrace.

The landscape of the terraces surrounding the building is characterized by concrete plant boxes in the street-side corners of the building and the areas of the rock garden-Japanese garden as visual extensions of the terrace.

The price also includes water supply, central sewerage, electricity supply up to 25A, drainage solution, street lighting, sidewalks and asphalt street.

You don't have to worry anymore, just enjoy.

The house has a fast construction time (22 weeks).

House plan

Location of the property